Monday, August 3, 2015

Day 21: Grand finale grackles

Today was the last official day of my internship (but I'll be banding one more time this summer on Thursday). The first few net rounds were fruitless and I was worried our last day would be a flop.
Luckily, a triad of grackles, an angsty wood thrush, a puffy common yellow-throat, a tail-less but fabulous bluejay and a beautiful grosbeak graced our nets.

Female rose-breasted grosbeak

This wood thrush is done with pictures after being caught  5 times this summer

Common yellow-throat


Grackle 1

Grackle 2

Grackle 3

Krista also found a spider skin and some nests, the later will contribute to a future project.

I will post again after banding on Thursday and share about my upcoming school year blog!

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