Friday, July 31, 2015

Day 20: Foreshadowing

On our way to the ecological station, Bishop thought he spotted a broad-winged hawk, but dismissed it for a crow. Little did he know that he was foreshadowing what would become a day bursting with bird nerd enthusiasm.

On an early net round I glimpsed a hawk flying away from a net that held a very lucky wood thrush. One net round later, Bishop came back with a broad-winged hawk in tow. 

I am amazed I got to hold such a beautiful creature this morning and learn about it. I even got to release it. Here's some high-quality video shot by Mr. Bishop. 

Our capture rates were splendid as well, possibly due to a few days of gusty northern winds. We caught thrushes with missing, molting tails and heaps of warblers.

Tailless wood thrush

Two tail feathered Swainson's thrush

Chestnut sided warbler female

Blue-winged warbler

Common yellow throat female

Finally, Krista found a cute dead mouse this morning and we came back to camp at one point to find Bishop having fun with it. 

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