Thursday, July 9, 2015

Day 11: Bird poop belly

If I were a pirate, my name would be Bird Poop Belly.

A robin deposited some berry blue poo on me and later I found it soaked through my shirt.

It's that time of year: bird baby boom,

Juvenile song sparrow

What a model

Juvenile cardinal

He bites his thumb at you sir. 

Juvenile tufted titmouse

It gives a smoldering gaze.

Female juvenile downy woodpecker

Male juvenile downy woodpecker

Male juvenile Baltimore oriole 

Bird watching by the water at Chippewa nature center was fruitful today. 

The morning view

A belated introduction to Mr. Lord, a local high school teacher who has been banding with us and mentoring Monroe. 

The juvenile geese are developing adult coloration.

Center frame is a juvenile bald eagle who was chased around by many little birds. 

Crows crossing the water and probably hoping to avoid red-winged blackbird chases. 

Green herons and a blue heron were also present this morning. I failed to photograph them but I got some neat little creatures. 

Halloween pennant 

Acorn weevil
The public are welcome to our Chippewa nature center banding days and two elementary schoolers came today. I had a lot of fun looking at little creatures with them. They shared this grasshopper with me. I taught them how to look for frogs. They were intrigued by all of the bird processing we did. The little boy kept showing me different cool birds like the road runner in a field guide book.

One legged grasshopper some young delightful ornithologist children found. 
If I were a more experienced mycologist I'd trust my theory that these mushrooms are edible. 

For now, I'll stick to crown coral or the grocery store. 

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