Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Day 12: Raining catbirds and downy woodpeckers

Tuesday around 1 a.m. deep thunder claps and bright lightning flashes made me skeptical about banding five hours later. The storm blew over enough, though, so we banded as planned at the ecological station. 
The session was cut short but the return of rain, but we caught two new species for the summer.

Yellow-throated vireo

Ryan, a friend of mine, came along and the vireo sat in his hand for awhile before making her departure. 

Field sparrow

Even in the soaked forest there are cool finds to be made.

Baby wood frog 


Common yarrow

Nursery web spider

Molting harvestman?

Some type of fungus?


Ryan experiencing birds up close and banding for the first time sparked discussion of a common theme I've seen. Before working with Bishop I rarely spared a second look at birds. 
After banding, Ryan said he'd be paying attention to birds all the time. Krista and I shared experiences of how our eyes also had been opened to how amazing and diverse these everyday creatures are.

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