Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Day 13: Robin in the mist net, what a saucy fellow

Today's nets were flapping with robins at the ecological station- we caught nearly 10 of them alone.

Pretty juvenile feathers
We also caught an abundance of wood thrush, a close relative of the robin. One was especially warm in the hand because she had a brood patch to keep her nest warm. 

Feathers blown back to reveal brood patch- full of liquid and free of feathers to provide warmth to the young.
Bluejays are common birds but not-so-common catches. I took the opportunity to get some pictures of their beautiful feathers today. 

A cardinal female seemed to have broken a leg at some point. It was healed but there was an irregular bump that pointed toward the injury.

I learned that some odd tubes in the forest floor are to isolate growing seeds from attacking fungus. Dr. Neuman teaches botany classes and is leading students in research on trees. The location right next to a fallen tree is choice for receiving light through the canopy.

Some chipmunks got into the seeds so they'll have to restart and ward off the little guys
Finally, the forest was full of fungus as always and other pretty pieces of nature. 

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