Thursday, July 16, 2015

Day 14: Slobbering woodpecker

When people ask what I do for work, my response ought to be, "I get slobbered on, pooped on and pecked on by birds." I removed a slobbery, saliva-gurgling hairy woodpecker from a net today.

He was trying to squawk but all that came out were spitty noises.

They're barbed tongues are good at extracting bugs from trees and tangling into nets.
Despite the 46 degrees Fahrenheit this morning, it felt good to hike Chippewa and watch the sunrise first thing in the morning.

The dew highlighted the spiderwebs that ring the pond.

And where there are webs, there are spiders. 

Long-jawed orb wever

Spiders weren't the only critters around.

Small wasp

Leopard frog

The water brought all sorts of winged creatures.

Sand piper

Canada geese


Blue heron

Hunting juvenile bald eagle

Today's new catches were a pair of warbling vireos and a brown creeper (I like to call it a road runner hummingbird).

Brown creeper

Juvenile warbling vireo

Adult warbling vireo

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