Monday, July 6, 2015

Day 9: I like to wear orange pants, I wear them when I bird band

I wore my orange pants and banded in the field loop of the ecological station today. They were a gift from my best friend's mom stemming back to a song about orange pants. 

Today's major lesson was that it is okay if grackle wings look like they're halfway to becoming a skeleton- they're probably just molting.

Male grackle mid-molt

Female grackle

A few weeks ago I tracked an indigo bunting up and down a road to get small glimpses of his brilliant plumage. Today we caught one and I got to be awed from a very close range.

The day began with a plethora of wood thrushes and slow nets- variety and quantity picked up later on and we got a first of the summer:

Male chestnut-sided warbler

Some more pretty birds

Oven bird

White-breasted nuthatch

Juvenile catbird

July's nature

Bee on milkweed patch 
Low-hop clover

Nursery web spider

Tree root with chipped away bark and a daddy long leg


Robber fly

Little wood satyr

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