Friday, June 26, 2015

Day 8: You're a yellow-bellied sapsucker

Despite a bird drought at the forest loop, today was exciting. We had known that a yellow-bellied sapsucker was nesting at the ecological station for the first recorded time, but now we have video, pictures, a banded sapsucker and my bloody knuckles for proof.

Sapsucker at the nest
She put a peck on it!

I made Bishop guess what we caught based on my hands- his look of excitement was priceless. 

There was also many a fungus among us so I played take a picture and then jog and catch up with Krista throughout the day.

The ecological station is a great place. Today it was teeming with researchers old and young- studying trees, herpes and birds. Some of the knee high researches set up some "safety flags."

Some nature to hold you over until the next time we band- in a week

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