Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Day 6: Crab Spiders and Crabby Cardinals

Sometimes it's hard to wake up before the early bird and last night's power outage didn't help the cause. Despite a late start and windy conditions we returned to the ecological station field loop for the first time in a week.
We found a couple crab spiders this morning. These spiders don't build webs, but hunt and ambush their prey.


We had some veteran recaptures: a cardinal born in or before 2009 and a vireo that was banded in 2012.

A father and juvenile pair of phoebes was caught.

Adult male- note the buffy wing tips

We caught a new first for the summer.

Female Blue-winged warbler 

I never thought I'd find a millipede to be pretty- but look at this beauty I found:

More neat nature: 
Scorpion fly

I believe this is a bagworm cocoon, there was a "bag" on the same leaf. 

Tarnished plant bug

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