Thursday, June 25, 2015

Day 7: I'm going to Gooseland, Gooseland, Midland Michigan. I'm going to Gooseland.

I doubt Paul Simon's Graceland was a swamp full of temperamental geese. Today we returned to Chippewa Nature Center for our banding and a goose almost charged me- I brandished a stick and Krista flapped her arms at it.

Today's birdy haul (most of it- you can safely assume that we catch a handful of catbirds every day):

Molting tufted titmouse
Still pretty
American red-start female

American red-start male
A pair of female hairy woodpeckers. Denny's bird interpretation: "I'm sorry for getting caught" -left "Let go of me!" -right 
I believe this is our first bluejay of the summer
The trails were far more wet than former weeks: at times water was knee deep. The forest regions had pretty orange fungi.

Blueberries, blackberries and raspberries are almost in season- the scrapes on my legs can attest.


Other creatures small and smaller:

Plume moth

Painted turtle

Baby toad

Eastern forest snail shell


Cross spider
Common green grasshopper

Green frog

Six-spotted fishing spider
Big ole bumblebee on campus

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