Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Day 10: Bird banding is a lot of fungus

Some days our catch numbers are low- especially in the middle of summer when birds wise up to what the nets are. Fungus remains abundant in the forest loop of the ecological station. 

The day wasn't entirely absent of  birds. We caught a male grackle which equates to a good banding day in my book. He was especially vibrant with tinges of purple. 

Cardinal beaks are as effective at cracking nuts and denting skin as ever.

Female cardinal dubbed "Bloody Mary"

Intriguing insects were crawling all about us today.

There was an abundance of robins today. Below is a comparison between the breast of a juvenile and adult.



Gooseberries and false Solomon's seal continue to ripen, some blueberries are ready, Indian pipe and other plants are sprouting.

False Solomon's Seal berries

Indian Pipe- a plant with no chlorophyll, parasitic like a fungus. 


The day ended with this toad perching oddly and near a mist net. 

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